Established in 1994, Mountain Colors has been dedicated to serving the needs of consumers and contractors in and around the beautiful Crested Butte area. Since then it has grown from a single person run paint store to a full blown paint store and design retailer. Now, the Design Shop is located adjacent to Mountain Colors Paint Store. The Design Shop specializes in the sales and specification of light fixtures, door hardware, cabinet and bath accessories, homes accessories, and much more. 

Retail has changed with the Internet and so has the Design Shop! It seems everywhere you look online you see a beautifully styled space. Is it the light in the picture? Is it the paint color? How do you get that space without breaking the bank? By asking for my help, I can help you get that look even from afar. With space sizes, pictures, and your style preference, I can send you many options that will work in your space on your budget with no hidden fees. I am a hands-on, service-based business owner that can help you from specification and sourcing the right fixtures for your home, to full on specification schedules and install coordination for larger projects. Providing communication, dependability and relationships with customers and vendors helps any remodel and building project remain successful. Working side by side with project managers, contractors, and owners ensure a successfully finished product that surpasses expectation. I only partner with quality vendors that understand the demands and expectation to perform on a fast-paced project.

See something you like online? Shoot me email or chat me below. I only buy direct from the most popular vendors to keep pricing competitive. I want to help you love your space!



ABOUT Owner 

Kim raines

I moved to Crested Butte literally one day after graduating from Colorado State University in 2002.  My family vacationed here since I was born and I wanted to spend a year after college in Crested Butte to decide how I planned to use my psychology degree and what my expectations were for my future.  However, as many before me, I found it impossible to leave. I fell in love with the lifestyle and the community of this town, met my husband and started a family. As luck would have it, I came upon Mountain Colors in May 2004 in the employment column in the Crested Butte News. The job was meant to be a fun summer job while I searched for a “real job”, yet it became my new passion – color and design. I had always felt lost in the professional side of life until I let my creativity take over. Finding a way to keep that creativity alive became a priority. That was the main reason I purchased the business from the previous owners in October 2006. The design aspect of this business challenges me daily as I try to stay on top of new and upcoming products and design trends.  And the small business aspect of this business challenges me in a whole different way as I try to stay competitive, reliable, and profitable in the building industry.

When not in the store, you can find me skiing with my Husband Bryan and 2 boys Hugh (12) and Bode (9) in the winter, biking in the summer, and just enjoying the lifestyle we all work so hard for in Crested Butte! 


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