We only buy direct from the following lighting vendors so we can be competitive pricing wise. Shoot us an email for more information

We love all of our fan companies! Unique and affordable, these companies offer lifetime warranties against defects so we guarantee your fan won’t wobble!

Craftmade Fans


Kichler Fans 

Matthews Fan Company

Minka Aire

Monte Carlo Fan Company

We have very strict exterior lighting regulations here in the Gunnison Valley that vary even from neighborhood to neighborhood. Make sure you check out our links below or our showroom before buying exterior lights. Also, “Dark Sky” doesn’t always mean compliant so make sure you check with us for regulations in each part of the Valley.

Hi Lite has lots of colors, sizes, and gooseneck options so really the options are endless!

Millenium RLM Lighting 

There are many more shapes and sizes than your standard gooseneck above but hard to filter them out from the non compliant options. We have a wide variety on display so visit our homepage to make an appointment to come check them out or email us us for some ideas!

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are a great first step in saving energy and making your home more efficient. You get a quick return on your investment and see a real savings in energy just by changing 1 light bulb in your home or business. Mountain Colors is proud to carry every type of LED bulbs available! We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to help you select the right bulb for each fixture. New technology can be daunting and overwhelming but we are here to help make the transition easy, and to save you money. We are stocking LED’s and they are changing the industry with their efficiency and now lower price point! We can order almost any bulb imaginable. Stop by or drop us an e-mail to see what energy efficient light bulbs will work in your existing fixtures.

We are also happy to let you borrow samples to see how new technology can work in your space. Just another benefit of shopping locally!

The Design Shop orders LED light bulbs from Satco and Bulbrite, the most innovative light bulbs companies in the world! They all stand behind their bulbs and offer a 3 year warranty, even though they will all be rated to last 25,000-50,000 hours! You can feel confident spending the extra money on these efficient bulbs that will be guaranteed to last long and have the warm and comfortable light you are used to seeing. Stop in and ask Kim about these why you should switch to LED, we pride ourselves on being light bulb nerds and can help!!

What are LED’s and why spend the extra money on them?

Light Emmitting Diodes, or LED’s are tiny solid-state light sources that create light without using a filament.  They are more efficient than any other lighting technology available today, including halogen, CFL, and incandescent.  LED’s also outlast each of these technologies.  They maintain brightness for up to 30,000 hours or more.

Advantages of LED Technology:
  • Up to 90% more efficient than Incandescent and Halogen
  • Last up to 50,000 Hours
  • Environmentally Friendly (Mercury Free)
  • Solid state technology withstands shock and vibration
  • Relatively cool running (less energy lost as heat)
  • Lights up instantly
  • Immediate full brightness
  • No UV Emissions/ no infrared
  • Capable of rapid cycling (unaffected by frequent on/off switching)

Do you think we are missing a company?

Just shoot us an e-mail or call and let us know.  We succeed because of our customers and we want to be more inclusive to satisfy everyone’s lighting needs.  We are also always adding vendors to our list to fill the gaps and be more inclusive in the lighting market.

Why Should I Purchase from Mountain Colors Versus an Online Dealer?

Crested Butte may be known for being expensive but you will be surprised at our competitive prices. We pride ourselves on staying competitive in the building and remodeling market. We only buy direct from our lighting companies so we are able to compete with many online lighting retailers and big box centers. But we go above and beyond our competitors by offering great customer service to help choose the right fixture and deal with any warranty issues down the road. Call us, email us, or stop by to check out our pricing.  You will be pleasantly surprised that shopping locally doesn’t mean spending more!

We may be in a small town but the Design Shop has a huge selection of lighting. We purchase directly from over 50 lighting companies that range from very affordable to custom and high end. The owner Kim travels yearly to lighting shows to stay current with lighting trends, and always looking for the next great light for your home! We specialize in helping you select the perfect light for your home, and will not stop until you find the right light at the right price!

Whether you live in or out of town, are building a house or remodeling, or are just looking to update a couple of light fixtures, we can help select fixtures and coordinate install for any timeline. We can also drop ship orders direct to your home if you live out of town! Just drop us an e-mail and we can help you find what you are looking for on any budget. Please view our vendors websites below and contact us directly for pricing and availability. Yes, we know there are a lot. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can point you in the right direction.

When you purchase products from Mountain Colors, the products that you purchase from are fully backed by the manufacturers warranty as well as our company. Your decision to purchase your product from us will ensure that if there is ever a problem with your product, you can depend on all of us to help you resolve it effectively.

Additionally, we have invested in a brick and mortar business that provides you the opportunity to actually see, feel, touch and possibly even try our displayed products. Also, our staff is continually educated on the features and benefits related to our product lines and can provide you with the means to select the proper products based on your requirements. Your decision to do business with a local company helps drive our local economy; it keeps our doors open and provides an establishment for trade professionals to conduct business with their clients. Your support also provides a means for our showroom to continuously provide current up to date product displays and employ a staff of professionals at your service.