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I love helping with new construction but there is something special about remodels and redos. I love looking at a space with outdated lighting and fixing it! I come by this honesty as my house built in the 90's as ZERO lighting and I have spent the past 15 years updating it visually AND functionally. The first place I started was my Master Bedroom. I had no overhead lighting and even though I don't read, I do get dressed in there and walk around so I decided to start with some functional plug in sconces STAT. I didn't want anything on my small night stands so I started with something that hung off the wall was a must. That was 14 years ago and since then, I have swapped fixtures out 3 times, yes, I said it, 3 times. I have a problem, I know, but all this does is teaches me to source better lighting for YOU! The plug in lighting market has evolved and I have so much fun seeing what companies come up with to add function and beauty to our spaces without having to hire an electrician. I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas today to help you get some lighting in your unlit space ASAP.

Color Cord is one of my FAVORITE companies (and they are "local" in Denver). You can choose from hundreds of cord colors to order from their warehouse, or choose from some of my favorite combos that I stock in the Design Shop. There are a couple of options to get the fixture to hang off the wall do the bulb doesn't hit the wall but this is my favorite. You can choose from multiple metals that I stock or to order. You can install on the wall as shown, or hang on the ceiling for more drama. There are so many choices with this custom company, it can be hard to choose, but don't worry! I can help.

Hudson Valley + Mitzi are another company that continues to add plug in wall sconces every day it seems. I just got this fixture in for display and I have to say, I'm officially obsessed. It moves, its lights up, and it's gorgeous. That little pop on the cord to makes it fun that the cord is a design aspect, not something that you hide or are embarrassed by the mess.

This post was inspired by a newsletter sent by Hudson Valley Group discussing bedroom lighting so I had to re post and make it mine. I can help you pic the pretty stuff but technically speaking, there are some rules to follow to make sure your lights are as functional as they are pretty.

I am a stocking dealer and have tons of their beautiful fixtures on display AND can price match you anything you see online. Chat with me today to see how I can help.

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