• Kim Raines

How I am adjusting to my businesses "New Normal" in the face of COVID-19

Funny enough, as I sit at home working on my website, I just read in my bio that my store has gone from a single person paint store to a full blown paint and design retailer with multiple employees. However, with the recent spread of the COVID-19 virus in our tight nit community, I have gone back to my roots. Per Gunnison Valley public health requirements, as a retailer, my door must be locked, only one person can be in the building at a time and any purchases must be brought to customers outside. So here I am, working solo again in trying times! I am doing my best to keep my contractors moving and making money, occupy my quarantined customers with home projects, and keep jobs that are currently under construction on time. I have been making paint like crazy, receiving and labeling incoming lighting + hardware for jobs, and trying to make sure that business is as normal as possible. I have been posting video updates on FB and Insta to see how I am holding up if you feel like learning a little more about this first week of closures.

Here is Mona and our first online order placed on Monday!

So as we learn more daily about our new normal, let me know how I can help you stay safe, sane, and working! I want to assure you that I am screening myself daily for symptoms (none yet), obsessively washing hands before and after I pull supplies and make paint, and cleaning the shop with disinfectants daily. I am reading updates to make sure my business stays in compliance with Public Health orders and will update you as anything changes.

After a snowy couple of days, I had to readjust how I left products for customers so they stayed dry! Lets hope for some sunshine soon to life our spirits.

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