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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

You know me, I think it's always a great time to update your lighting but it is especially so when we have all this extra time at home. Today my husband and I decided to FINALLY swap my basement flush mounts out. I ordered these fixtures from #Kichler 3 months ago but we haven't found the time to do it! Today after homeschooling and finishing up some work emails, I dragged him down there. Literally 30 minutes later, we have 4 new beautiful lights. Follow my steps below to swap out those lights today!

Before I show you how to replace your light, you have to pick a fixture! My FAVORITE part of my job is helping people update their lighting fixtures. I love new construction lighting packages of course but there is something so cool about how just updating one fixture can change the whole look of your space. I am a functional lighting designer so I always take this opportunity to update the output to make sure your fixture looks great while it lights up your space. So how do you start?? Send me a pic of your space and the fixture (s) you want to replace. Send me some inspirational photos of what you love with a budget in mind and I will get to shopping! I can also help place the fixture virtually in your space to make sure the scale is right and you love the look before you buy.

Now, you bought the light but how do you change it? The lighting industry is pretty standard meaning if you have a standard light fixture now, almost any fixture will line up with your existing junction box (not always, but most of the time!). But before we buy, it's always great to take the fixture down and send me a pic. I will make sure it will work before buying! I definitely have a problem with replacing lights often being in the industry. Fortunately, my husband is pretty understanding! He's getting pretty good and fast changing out lights!


STEP 2: Remove the old light fixture + replace cross bar with the bar provided with the new light fixture.

STEP 3: This next step always helps with 4 hands (hint - get a friend). Using wire nuts, attach black to black, white to white, and ground to ground (copper colored).

STEP 4: CAREFULLY push wires back up so they don't accidentally come apart. Hopefully they all fit perfectly into the junction box and fixture. This is sometimes easier said than done. Just be patient and don't force it!

STEP 5: Attach the fixture to the junction bar. This might be the most annoying part of the install - every fixture is different and therefore the way they attach is ALWAYS different. There is no standard in the industry on this part - sometimes it is in the middle, sometimes it is on the side. But no matter what, grab those extra pair of hands to help hold the fixture while you do the last step.

FINAL STEP: Turn on the breaker and turn the lights on! I choose these guys because I LOVE the midcentury feeling with the little pop of brass. It's a dark basement and these 4 lights are the only light down there. Compared to the old fixtures with single bulbs, we have quadrupled our light input while keeping the vibe funky down there! They are 7 1/2' ceilings too so I had to keep them low profile and I didn't want just your standard flush mount.

My showroom is closed but I am still here when you are ready to make an update. Email or chat me today to help! If this seems like too much to do, I can always point you in the direction of one of my favorite electricians to help!

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